Misreporting on the Dodd Amendment on Bonuses

The media is in full spin mode to protect the Obama administration. First listen to this video.

The NY Times completely misses this discussion in talking about the fallout for Geithner.

Also read this here.

John Fund from the WSJ Political Diary weighs in with this discussion of Dodd here:

It's exhausting trying to follow Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd's story about how and why a loophole was slipped into last month's stimulus bill that facilitated the scandalous bonuses at AIG.

The week began with Mr. Dodd, already under fire for sweetheart treatment from a mortgage company at the heart of the financial meltdown, denying that he was even a member of the conference committee that wrote the final version of the stimulus bill. He also said he thought the final language of his amendment in the stimulus bill should have blocked the AIG bonuses.

On Wednesday, he changed his story. He admitted that he allowed his amendment to be changed at the insistence of Treasury Department officials who worried that any curbs on executive compensation would spark lawsuits.

CNN's Wolf Blitzer asked him to explain the discrepancy between his two versions and what had caused him to clarify his remarks. "Going back and reviewing it," Mr. Dodd lamely replied. "I apologize if we had some confusion."

His explanation didn't wash with Mr. Blitzer. After Mr. Dodd's appearance, the CNN anchor concluded that the Senator now was "coming forward with a vastly different story" from what he had told CNN just the day before. "It's very embarrassing to Senator Dodd to say one thing yesterday and another thing today," was Mr. Blitzer's summation.

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