Not a lot of economists have come out in favor of the Stimulus Plan

Eric Rasmusen has taken the time to put together a list of economists for and against the so-called "stimulus" plan, and it doesn't look very good for those in favor of the bill.



Blogger Martin G. Schalz said...

Dr. Lott. Many a time have I noticed that there are certain posts here, that are completely ignored.

I humbly submit that there are a few ways that this can be viewed...

Too dull, no one cares, irrelevant to the times at hand, or perhaps simply provides no challenge.

I, Sir, am of the belief that it is the latter that is true.

When it comes to pass, that a problem is so true, that no one presents an argument either way, it must be true. Else, why argue it?

Maybe some truths are so strong, they need neither refutation, nor support. They just stand there all alone, as no one dares approach them, because to do so, may destroy those who dare to question the validity of such a profound truth.

Nah, it's just because it's too dull, and no one cares! A much easier answer, eh?

2/19/2009 9:25 PM  

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