More movement on Concealed Carry in Illinois

The Southwestern Illinois News Democrat has this:

St. Clair County Sheriff Mearl Justus is backing a bill to allow Illinois residents to carry a concealed weapon.
"In today's society the citizens should be able to protect themselves and their families," Justus said in a prepared statement.
"As a law enforcement officer with over 54 years of service it is my opinion that anyone wishing to carry a concealed handgun, for their personal protection, must participate in a training course," he said. "I believe to be successful the key to concealed carry is training."
House Bill 245, the Family and Personal Protection Act, was introduced Jan. 20 by state Rep. John Bradley, D-Marion. If passed, the bill would establish statewide standards for issuing permits to carry concealed firearms in Illinois.
Missouri and 47 other states have already legalized concealed carry. Only Illinois and Wisconsin have no form of concealed-carry handgun laws.
On Tuesday the Illinois Sheriffs' Association unanimously passed a resolution supporting a concealed-carry handgun law, the first time the association has passed such a resolution since it was founded in 1928. Ninety percent of Illinois sheriffs, when surveyed by the association, said they "support concealed carry in Illinois if adequate training and safeguards are included."



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