Democrat Senators on the "Stimulus" bill

A poll is one thing. Having Democrat Senators not actively showing support is quite another. I found these points of interest.

According to the latest Fox News/Opinion Dynamics polling data, only 45% of those polled think “Barack Obama’s proposed $825 billion dollar economic recovery plan” will help the economy (the wording low-balled the bill’s estimated cost, neglecting to add the interest estimated by the CBO which brings the total estimated cost to nearly $1.2 trillion). More Americans think the focus of an economic stimulus plan should be “cutting taxes” (50%) than "increasing government spending on new programs and infrastructure projects” (29%). The poll of 900 registered voters was conducted from January 27 to January 28 and has a 3-point margin of error. . . .

I decided to check the press release sections of all Democrat senators’ websites to quantify any trending support (or lack thereof) these folks were offering to their leadership and the new Democrat president. As of deadline Sunday, only 15 Democrats had expressed support for all or even some part of the legislation in a press release.

The overwhelming majority (33) of the Democratic Senators’ websites were completely silent on the issue (six are new senators with minimal website activity). Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) has not issued one press release about this legislation, pro or con. There were a plethora of other releases on these websites with five more senators making mention of the stimulus bill without indicating any level of support. . . .



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