Defensive gun use in Kenya

The story is here:

Trader guns down armed intruder
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By FRANCIS MUREITHIPosted Monday, February 23 2009 at 19:53

Four gangsters got more than they bargained for when a businessman, whose house they had broken into, shot one of them dead and injured the others.

The armed gangsters broke into the businessman’s house in Lanet, Nakuru Town, after cutting the window grilles, police said.

They harassed the family as they ransacked the house for valuables.

However, as they were leaving the house laden with electronic goods, the businessman got hold of a gun and opened fire, killing one and injuring the other three, who fled into the darkness.

In another incident, police are holding two university students after a mobile phone stolen in Nakuru Town last December was traced to them by a tracking system.

The first student was arrested at Catholic University of Eastern Africa and led detectives to a colleague at the University of Nairobi who, he claimed, sold him the phone.

Police also arrested three other suspects believed to have been involved in the theft of the phone. . . .



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