The costs and benefits of gun control regulations: Finland's mental health requirements

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Tighter Regulations - Gun Sales Slump
February 22, 2009
The Association of Arms Retailers says that the recent introduction of tighter regulations for firearm permits, in particular the requirement of a mental health certificate from a physician, has severely impacted firearm sales.
Merchants are seriously concerned about their businesses.
"The requirement for a health certificate in itself has become a economic barrier to legal firearm sales," says Association chairman Pasi Säynäjoki.
The Association estimates that there are tens of millions of euros worth of arms in merchants' stocks that are not being sold at the rate shops had hoped for.
Firearm merchants consider the instructions issued to police on the permit process as chaotic. Their association argues that requiring a health certificate from a physician puts applicants in unequal positions. Additionally, opportunities of obtaining a health certificate locally vary from place to place.
There are also variations in procedure in different municipalities and even among healthcare centres. Applicants for a firearm permit are required to present a certificate from a physician stating that the applicant is not a danger to himself or to others. . . .

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