Bobby Jindal rejects money from stimulus for Lousiana

Apparently, the stimulus package would likely lead to an increase in state business taxes. The Washington Times has the story here.

Louisiana's Bobby Jindal, a Republican, became the first governor Friday to refuse officially a part of his state's share of the $787 billion stimulus bill, while President Obama warned the nationĀ“s mayors to spend stimulus money wisely.

While some governors were subtly backing off previous statements that they wouldn't take their share of the windfall, Mr. Jindal issued a statement saying Louisiana would not participate in a program aimed at expanding state unemployment insurance coverage.

"Increasing taxes on our Louisiana businesses is certainly not a way to stimulate our economy. It would be the exact wrong thing we could do to encourage further growth and job creation," said Mr. Jindal, although the Louisiana legislature could override his decision.

He said accepting the money would have required a change in state law and, after federal money runs out in three years, would have led to a $12 million increase in taxes on his state's businesses to keep funding the benefit. He also warned other states against the program.

"I strongly suggest that other states also look closely at this provision in the bill so they can also avoid ultimately passing on a significant tax to businesses that will be left paying for this expansion of benefits when the federal money dries up," he said. . . . .



Blogger juandos said...

Hmmm, is Bobby Jindal engaging in the cowardice Eric Holder was whining about?

Not to worry though, thieving race pimps like Clyburn has put an out for the libtards in the state legislature that are also feeling excessively zealous with their P.C. leanings...

2/21/2009 2:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bobby Jindal is perhaps the worst governor in the United States right now (after Sarah Palin, of course). He is a politician through and through - not an honest bone in the man. Let's just say what he's really doing: he's making intentionally super-conservative moves in order to position himself for 2012.

2/22/2009 12:58 AM  

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