MN Secretary of State's Office Had Multiple mistakes in their listing of ballot decisions

Beth Fraser, the Director of Governmental Affairs in the Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State, was able to respond yesterday to my requests for information over the last couple of weeks. While I wasn't able to get any new data from them so as to compare the original decision on ballots with those decisions by the Minnesota Canvassing Board, I was told something interesting. Apparently, the SOS office had multiple mistakes in the ballot summaries that they had released. I find this interesting given the attacks on me for relying on the MN Star Tribune ballot summaries that were claimed by the SOS office to have been mistaken in one case. Among those who I had called to double check the MN Star Tribune website was the SOS office, but they did not return my requests for information. The Ms. Fraser was unwilling to identify how many mistakes the SOS office had made nor to identify what ballots had been mistakenly described. I doubt that the SOS office will be called to task as I was even though I had already corrected the supposed mistake on that one ballot (as claimed at that time by the SOS) that I had used.



Blogger Martin G. Schalz said...

To err, is human Dr. Lott. To really foul things up requires politicians and money.

I do so hope that you make this information available to all, via your Opinion piece on Fox News.

1/02/2009 1:55 AM  

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