MN Supreme Court will let possible Double Counted Votes be counted for now

From the Star Tribune:

The Minnesota Supreme Court today denied a bid by Republican Sen. Norm Coleman to force the state Canvassing Board to consider his campaign’s claim that some votes in strongholds of Democrat Al Franken were counted twice.

The court said the Coleman campaign’s challenges of ballots that it believes were double-counted are better resolved in a court hearing where evidence can be presented, rather than by the Canvassing Board.

In doing so, the court allowed those ballots to be counted, at least for now.

“We win in Supreme Court,” said the Franken campaign in a brief statement.

Coleman’s campaign did not react immediately to the ruling, which was written by Justice Alan Page.

It had argued that 130 to 150 votes, mostly in Democratic areas, may have been counted twice. . . .



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