Caroline Kennedy explains why she is not part of the "system"

The New York Daily News has this:

"I'm really coming into this as somebody who isn't, you know, part of the system, who obviously, you know, stands for the values of, you know, the Democratic Party," Kennedy told the Daily News Saturday during a wide-ranging interview.

"I know how important it is to, you know, to be my own person. And, you know, and that would be obviously true with my relationship with the mayor." . . .

Not part of the system? Well, you know . . . .



Blogger Martin G. Schalz said...

Obviously, you know, she is not part of the system, you know, and she has the best interests of us all, you know...

What is it about politcal office, that drives some folks into an hysterical need to get into office?

What some percieve as power, I percieve as a headache. After all, I view such a job as a very deep responsibility to the people, and not as a means to further one's self.

12/30/2008 8:44 PM  

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