New Kindle Version of Freedomnomics is available

For those who are interested, a Kindle version of Freedomnomics is now available. A Kindle version of the book works with Amazon.com's portable electronic book reader. I don't have one yet, but a few friends tell me it is a handy way for they to travel with multiple books at the same time. If you haven't read Freedomnomics yet, I think that it is my best book.

If you are willing, hitting the "Economics" tag under "Tags Customers Associate with This Product" is appreciated just so people who are searching for economics books will find it easier to see it.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is a "Kindle" version of your book? Is there a difference between that and any "regular" version or is Kindle just another editor?

That post is confusing.

11/15/2008 3:07 PM  
Blogger John Lott said...

I added a couple sentences after the first one to explain it. I thought that people would follow the link on Kindle, but I hope that this clears things up anyway. Thanks.

11/15/2008 3:36 PM  
Blogger Skullz said...

OK, going to buy it for the Kindle now.

John, if you don't have a kindle yet, get one. They are worth the price and the available titles are growing every day.

11/15/2008 9:25 PM  

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