Wolf Blitzer: "I Don't Remember" Biden's Law School Plagiarism

Recently, Wolf Blitzer had this exchange on CNN's THE SITUATION ROOM:

TRUMP: I really don't know Senator Biden but I know one thing. He's run a number of times for president. He's gotten less than 1 percent of the vote each time. And that's a pretty tough thing. You know, he's also been involved in pretty big controversy like plagiarism in college and various other things. That's a pretty big statement. So perhaps you change over a period of time. But when you plagiarize, that's a very bad statement. That hasn't been brought up yet, but I'm sure at some point it will. I'm sure that Sarah Palin will bring it up in a debate or somebody's going to bring it up.

BLITZER: Are you talking about plagiarism when he was running for president?

TRUMP: No, I'm talking about when he was a college student as I understand it, and this was a big issue originally but he supposedly plagiarized as a college student. That's a pretty serious charge.

BLITZER: I don't remember that. We'll check it out. But maybe you obviously have a better memory about that.

I bring this up because when I wrote a recent piece that discussed the differential news coverage that Biden and Palin received when they were nominated, some mentioned that the reason virtually none of the news stories mentioned any past problems that Biden had was because they were so well-known.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wolf Blitzer does not remember Joe Biden's plagiarism, but when Sarah Palin is being interviewed, she is expected to recall court cases, supreme court decisions, policies of the current presidents and the legislative history of John McCain.
If the reporters are not doing their research of the candidates, how can we expect the reporting to be more than just opinions and to carry no more importance than the ill-informed neighbor?

10/06/2008 11:10 AM  

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