More Union Money Attacking Republicans: Why don't the unions spend this money directly?

USA Today has this story:

WASHINGTON — The nation's largest public employee union has funneled more than $5 million to a series of non-profits running ads attacking Republican congressional candidates, federal election records show.
Since July, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) has donated almost $5.5 million to three groups: Campaign Money Watch, Patriot Majority and Patriot Majority Midwest. Those groups have spent more than $2 million on TV ads attacking GOP Sens. Ted Stevens of Alaska and John Sununu of New Hampshire and five GOP lawmakers and House candidates in Florida, Michigan and Ohio. The ads don't mention AFSCME by name.

If the AFSCME targets lose on Nov. 4, the results could help expand the Democrats' majorities in Congress. Since January 2007, AFSCME has given more than $1.6 million to Democratic candidates. . . .

Of course, this explains why unions are spending so much money on campaigns.

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Blogger Jon Hix said...

Hey John,

Thought you might be interested in this news link:


Apparently, the husband whose estranged wife was afraid of and carried a gun to school ended up killing a park ranger and someone else before being encountered outside of a store and shot dead. All of this could have been prevented if our legal system took care of threats. Instead, we punish those who wish to protect themselves from these disturbed individuals.

Your original post:


9/21/2008 11:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why don't the unions spend this money directly? Perhaps in an effort to avoid the obvious perception that it's just government employee unions hoping to get more government employees and money for government employee unions.

9/22/2008 9:50 AM  

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