Gun Sales (even if very costly) start in DC on Monday

The "$125 fee to transfer each handgun" is going to be stiff and combined with all the other hoops that one has to jump through there might not be too many people who get guns. That said, at least it is possible now to own a gun.

WASHINGTON - District residents will be able to buy handguns starting next Tuesday.
The District began registering handguns in mid-July in response to a Supreme Court ruling that overturned the city's long time ban. But, as of last month, only 11 handguns had been registered.

The low number could be because there was no way for residents to buy a handgun and get it transferred into the city. That's about to change.

"I do think the numbers will go up some once you can purchase in the District," says D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier. "I don't think it's going to skyrocket."

Because there are no gun stores in the city, residents have been unable to purchase a handgun. The guns registered so far have either been illegal guns that were registered under the amnesty program or guns that were being stored out-of-state.

Federal law requires that guns purchased out-of-state be shipped from the dealer who sells the gun to another dealer in the state where the buyer is going to register the weapon.

Charles Sykes, the only licensed firearms dealer in the District willing to transfer handguns for individuals, tells WTOP his office in Anacostia will be open for business next week.

Sykes says he will be charging a $125 fee to transfer each handgun. Gun stores in Maryland and Virginia charge as little as $25 for the same service. Sykes says he gets between one to two calls a day about transferring guns. . . .

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