Fox News: "New Film Lifts Veil on Effort to Kill ABC Docudrama on 9/11"

From the end of the new piece by Maxim Lott:

However, no DVD has ever been released of the film despite the industry normally releasing miniseries on DVD within months of the original air date.

"This is a shame; it's censorship in the most blatant way," director Stone was quoted saying in The Los Angeles Times. "I'm not vouching for its accuracy — it's a dramatization — but it's an important work and needs to be seen.”

Nowrasteh said that a high-level Disney executive specifically told him the DVD would've been released had Sen. Hillary Clinton not been running for the presidency in 2008.

One Disney shareholder, Tom Borelli, asked Iger at a March 2008 board meeting why ABC was not releasing the DVD or selling the rights to it, considering the success of the miniseries. Borelli pointed out that Disney’s Fahrenheit 911, a controversial documentary by liberal filmmaker Michael Moore, had made $46 million in DVD sales for Disney.

Iger responded that Disney had made a “business decision” to keep the miniseries under wraps. He declined to elaborate.



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