Five male burglars are stopped by one woman with a gun

The Minneapolis Star Tribune has this:

Charges are expected to be filed today against four people arrested in connection with a residential burglary over the weekend in Chisago County, said Capt. Keith Hoppe of the Chisago County Sheriff's Office.

Authorities are still looking for a fifth suspect, a 22-year-old man from Rush City, who also is expected to be charged, Hoppe said.

According to Hoppe, four men kicked in the front and back doors to gain entry to a house on the 52000 block of Government Road in Rushseba Township. The homeowner was sleeping when the burglars came calling at 2 a.m. Friday. She grabbed a 9 millimeter handgun and fired two rounds, but didn't hit anybody, authorities said. . . .



Blogger Mike Gallo said...

...one woman with a gun! The handgun - the great equalizer.

9/11/2008 11:34 AM  
Blogger jr said...

One *woman* with a gun..."She grabbed a 9 millimeter handgun and fired two rounds..."

Lately, I've noticed a lot of stories of home invasion where a woman was the one either with the gun or in one case that knocked a gun away from an intruder and her husband picked it up. Are those stories more likely to make headlines? Are women more likely to be victims in cases like this? Or are women more likely to have a handgun handy in case of a break-in?

9/11/2008 12:16 PM  

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