When suicide endangers others

Suppose that this guy had simply driven his car into oncoming traffic or into a wall or a tree. All good ways to kill one's self, but surely some of these ways endanger bystanders. Yet, if this guy hadn't been so obvious with a rope, his suicide would likely have been recorded as an accident. It is something to keep in mind when people talk about suicide with guns. Fox News has the story here:

In a grim attempt at revenge against his young estranged wife, a British businessman committed suicide by decapitation in his Aston Martin sports car, the U.K.'s Daily Mail reported Friday.

According to the Mail, Gerald Mellin, 54, had been consumed with dark thoughts surrounding his 34-year-old wife, Mirrielle's decision to leave him.

The day before his death, a court had granted Mirielle Mellin additional alimony, the Mail reported.

Following the decision, in the last contact with his wife, Mellin sent a text message reading, "Congratulations, XXX."

The businessman then reportedly tied one end of a rope he kept in is Aston Martin convertable to a tree and then wrapped the other end of it around his neck in the driver's seat. He then drove the car at a high speed onto a busy road, forcing other drivers to witness his violent suicide, the Mail said.

Phillip Rogers, the coroner assigned to the case ruled the cause of death as decapitation.

"I'm satisfied this was a deliberate attempt by Mr. Mellin to kill himself," Rogers said.



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