This is too funny: Study finds eating eggs cuts Cholesterol

From Fox News:

Researchers from Surrey University in England have found that eating two eggs a day could help you lose weight and lower your cholesterol levels, London’s Daily Mail reported Tuesday.

Medical experts have long thought that by eating large amounts of cholesterol-rich foods such as eggs, a person could easily increase their cholesterol levels.

However, an upcoming article in the European Journal of Nutrition will suggest otherwise. . . .

Griffin thought that by eating eggs for breakfast, the volunteers felt fuller longer, which aided them in their weight loss efforts.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I recall reading an article about 25 years ago in Public Affairs pointing out the strong possibility of this exact finding. It all comes down to the dangers of casual invocation of ceteris paribus. As Garret Hardin once observed, it's impossible to do just one thing. So which other things are being held constant and which are allowed to change? If you add or remove eggs to the diet, you're either changing the total intake of calories, protein, fat and other nutrients, or you're adding and/or removing other foods to compensate for the eggs. If the later, then what other foods are you adding or removing?

8/27/2008 7:04 PM  

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