New Op-ed at the Washington Times: Obama's gun ban rhetoric: For it before being against it, now no longer for it

The entire piece can be read here:

Sen. Barack Obama's campaign just won't let the gun issue rest. Mr. Obama and his campaign surrogates continue to assure gun owners that he is on their side, and it appears to be paying off. John McCain only leads Mr. Obama among hunters by 14 percentage points, just about half the 27-point lead that President Bush held over John Kerry in 2004. If Mr. McCain had a similar lead, he would be ahead in most polls, particularly in many battle ground states.

Yet, despite all the Democratic claims to the contrary, Mr. Obama is undoubtedly the most anti-gun candidate ever nominated by a major party for president.

A couple of weeks ago, Brian Schweitzer, Montana Democratic governor, told national reporters that Mr. Obama "Ain't ever going to take your gun away." An Obama adviser, Stanford Law Professor Larry Lessig, said recently on Hugh Hewitt's national radio show that "I think that he has always been an individual rights person on the Second Amendment." Another advisor, Professor Cass Sunstein at Harvard, told Time Magazine in June: "Obama has always expressed a belief that the Second Amendment guarantees a private right to bear arms." The list goes on. . . .

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Senator Obama's support for our individual Right To Keep And Bear Arms is truly heart warming. Next we should see him duck hunting. But I do imagine there are those who doubt his sincerity.
I do imagine that we will always have to defend our right, all of them, from all sorts of would be messiahs.
Just another bitter American clinging to my God and guns

8/30/2008 10:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cass Sustein, so far as I know, is perfectly happy that an individual may own a firearm as long as it is never fired...that's the sticky part

8/30/2008 8:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Obama will never take your guns away." Yea, sure, that MAY be correct, at least at first, BUT HE WILL JUST MAKE IT TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE FOR YOU TO BUY ANY NEW ONES!

9/03/2008 4:22 PM  

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