Karl Rove takes apart Obama's Resume

The Weekly Standard article is here:

Saturday, Mr. Biden asserted Mr. Obama "made his mark literally from day one, reaching across the aisle to pass legislation to secure the world's deadliest weapons," a claim similar to one Mr. Obama made earlier in the campaign. Wednesday night, Mr. Biden was more expansive, claiming Mr. Obama was a leader "to pass a law that helps keep nuclear weapons out of the hands of terrorists." This implied a big, important controversial measure, passed with difficulty after the intervention of an extraordinary leader.

In reality, the Lugar-Obama Bill was passed on a voice vote on December 11, 2006. It was so routine, there was no recorded vote. The media didn't consider it important or controversial. Neither the New York Times nor the Washington Post reported its Senate passage, though the Post ran a 798-word op-ed by Senators Lugar and Obama the week before it was approved. It was not the subject of a story on the CBS, ABC or NBC evening news--not when it passed, not when it was signed, not ever. No story about it appeared in Roll Call or The Hill, the daily newspapers that cover the minutiae of Congress. It drew only one squib in Congressional Quarterly--and that story didn't mention Obama, just Lugar. The Bush administration supported it. The legislation required the administration to report to Congress within 180 days "on proliferation and interdiction assistance" to secure the mostly conventional weapons stocks littering the nations born from the collapsed Soviet empire. It created a new State Department office to support the Bush administration's "Proliferation Security Initiative" aimed at interdicting weapons of mass destruction and conventional weaponry. And the bill authorized $110 million in funding. But this legislation didn't require a profile in courage to co-sponsor or hard work and powerful persuasion to pass, as Mr. Biden implied. . . .

Saturday, Biden proclaimed: "But I was proudest, I was proudest, when I watched him spontaneously focus the attention of the nation on the shameful neglect of America's wounded warriors at Walter Reed Army Hospital." The problem for Mr. Biden (and the object of his praise, Mr. Obama) is the problems at Walter Reed were revealed in articles in the Washington Post, starting February 18, 2007. Unless Mr. Obama writes for the Washington Post under the nom de media of Anne Hull or Dana Priest, he didn't "spontaneously focus the attention of the nation." The two reporters did. The legislation to correct the shortcomings emerged from a Senate committee Mr. Obama doesn't serve on and he played no significant role in drafting or pushing it through the legislative. Mr. Obama is not the real hero of the Walter Reed turn-around, despite Mr. Biden's extravagant claims. . . .



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Obama is an exercise in fakery.

His flip-flops, vagueness, goofs and pandering are reckoned by some to be the signs of someone who is a "rookie" or "unformed" or not "experienced enough".

I don't think so.

I think he knows very well what he thinks, has invested decades of time and effort in building associations with fellow thinkers and on projects that make sense to him. He spent 20 years in a church he now claims never to have understood, though his wife, helpmate and mother of his kids knows quite well that particular theology.

The problem for Barry O is to keep his real persona hidden through the election and win (maybe, even if he succeeds in hiding himself).

He and his cadre, Howard Dean, Pelosi, etc. all know if Barry's real credo is exposed he will lose, badly, and the predicted Democrat majorities in the House and Senate will be at risk.

This kind of analysis is going to sink the poor man, and the rumor that Biden was the only schmuck willing to ride with Barry has some logic, if not truth.

Hate to see the stories these guys would tell if they were fishermen...

8/28/2008 10:20 PM  

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