The End of Conservative Talk Radio?

I have been convinced that this issue is at the top of the Democratic agenda. Dick Morris has this discussion on what Obama and the Dems want to do to talk radio:

You know I'm one of the other things we talk about this book the accidental terribly important is the wave that you liberals are going to try to kill. Talk radio. And we just had Nancy Pelosi just endorsed the fairness doctrine. But Obama says. But he's not a fairness doctrine he's forward -- he thinks it's it's a distraction from the real issue which should be diversity. And nobody understood quite what he meant to but I do. We have that we covered in this chapter on talk radio there is a little known provision of the FCC law Federal Communications Commission. That provides that the stations that use the public airwaves must have community representation. On the board of directors and in the station management. And we have memos from the Soros organizations and media matters. That indicate that what they are planning to do is to put liberal on those stations boards. And in this program directory assistance program director and station it's as part of that FCC rule. So it's not just questioned -- talk radio to question hijacking.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Satellite, internet, and pirate radio are always options.

8/24/2008 2:09 PM  
Blogger Rio Arriba said...

Well, I [i]think[/] I get the general drift of what he's trying to say. But I wouldn't use the word "articulate" to describe how he does it.

8/24/2008 2:18 PM  

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