What might the Heller decision mean for concealed carry permits

The LA Times has an interesting discussion by reporter David G. Savage here ("Supreme Court gun ruling leaves questions," June 28, 2008):

California allows gun owners to carry a concealed weapon if they obtain a permit. NRA attorney Chuck Michel said he expected legal challenges to be filed in Los Angeles and San Francisco because officials there regularly rejected requests for permits.

"Licensing and registration are hot issues," Michel said. "I don't think the Supreme Court would strike down licensing entirely. But we will look for an opportunity to challenge a policy that denies concealed-weapons permits."

Application of gun-permit laws has analogies in the 1st Amendment. For instance, the high court has ruled that cities may require permits for demonstrations and limit them to public parks or other open areas, but that cities generally may not give some groups a permit to demonstrate while denying a permit to another group with a different message.

UCLA's Winkler expects the high court to uphold reasonable regulations of firearms, even if the justices say the 2nd Amendment is like the 1st Amendment, he said. . . .

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Blogger Bob said...

John, do you think violent crime in Washington, D.C. will go down now that the ordinary folk there can possess a pistol?

7/03/2008 1:10 AM  

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