St. Louis: "Homeowner kills man in apparent self defense"

The ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH has this story today:

ST. LOUIS -- A Baden neighborhood homeowner shot and killed a man who struck him in the head with a pipe after the homeowner confronted the man early this morning, police said.

Police would only identify the dead man by his age: 43.

The homeowner, who also is not being identified by police, said that he heard a noise outside of his home in the 9000 block of Edna Avenue early this morning. When he went outside, he found the man, who the homeowner knew, police said.

The man then struck the homeowner in the head with a metal pipe and the homeowner ran back inside his house, police said. The man, still carrying the metal pipe, followed the homeowner into the house.

The homeowner then shot the man several times. The man ran out of the house and collapsed in the street in the 1000 block of Melvin Avenue, police said. The man died.

When police got to the man -- about 4:50 a.m. -- they found a metal bar lying next to his body, police said. . . .

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