London Police set up special task force to combat knife crime

Admittedly knives are a lot less useful defensively, particularly for physically weaker victims since you have to come into physical contact to use them, but this is still worth some note:

[London police] have established a special anti-knife-crime unit to address the recent spate of fatal stabbings in the British capital, Paul Stephenson, deputy commissioner of London Metropolitan Police, was quoted as saying. . . . .

Thanks to Zach Gennaro for the link.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wasn't London supposed to be one of the safest places on earth, since there are no guns around?
Anyway, about this anti-knife-crime-unit, what are they going to do?? Go in every house or restaurant and seize every knife?? Will they provide people with a free stack of plastic knives to replace the others?

7/07/2008 3:21 AM  

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