Reviewing some things that we have learned about Obama

Kimberley Strassel on what we have learned about Obama:

We've learned Mr. Obama was so good at his message that we still don't know much about the man. It was March before the press excavated his longtime pastor, and only last week when it dug up Father Pfleger. Their ugly black-vs.-white preaching, deeply at odds with the candidate's transracial message, has left some voters wondering if Mr. Obama shares these views. It's left others suspicious he allied himself to these powerbrokers for Chicago political gain, but has now cynically thrown them over. Mr. Obama created these question marks for himself, and they're not going away before November. Mr. McCain need only watch. . . .

We've learned Mr. Obama has a shifting definition of reform. He deplored big money in elections, but is now sitting on big money and backing out of a pledge to accept public financing. He rails against special interests, but supports bloated farm bills while he does union bidding on trade. One of Mr. McCain's strengths is his reputation for bucking interest groups; this is an opening.

We've learned that on domestic policy, Mr. Obama is as liberal as any Democratic nominee. But he's also a decent populist. He'll raise taxes, but promises to give back to middle-class voters. He'd like government-run health-care, but for now promises simply to help pay soaring private doctor's bills. He'll punish companies that take part in the global economy, but reward those who stay at home. . . . .

Review of some of these positions of Obama's can be found here:

campaign finance
Economic issues
One could also add gun control



Anonymous Anonymous said...

We haven't learned diddley about Obama except that like any Dem and most politicians in general, he'll say what he thinks he needs to say to get his hands on the levers of power.
Hey, he comes out of the Chicago political machine, most corrupt this side of Vlad Putin..., and if he gets the big Presidential Promotion, he can retire to the Bill Clinton/Jimmuh Carter circuit, or try for the UN top job...why should what he says now, have anything to do with what he'll actually do as president?

I'm more inclined to believe that his core principles are those of his closest friends, mentors,his buds and his past pastors of 20 years, i.e., anti-American, anti-white, violent and just plain old corrupt. As far as I'm concerned, he'll lie, straightfaced like Hillary, but perhaps not as inventively as the tale of the Tuszla Sniper...He should be known by the content of his character (negligible) and the company that he has kept for 20 years...(reprehensible, repugnant, and corrupt).
Doug in Colorado

6/12/2008 5:54 PM  

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