Racist Priest received $100,000 Grant from Obama

OK, so this last week we have another racist sermon from Obama's church in Chicago. Obama responds by saying that he disapproves of the message, and late in the week he announces that he is finally leaving the church. Now it comes out that the Catholic League of all places disowns Father Pfleger as racist, and complains that Obama must have known this for some time. Now it comes out that Obama worked to give this guy $100,000. So will the press ask why Obama worked to give money to this guy? How can Obama claim again that he was ignorant of what these ministers were saying.

The Catholic League sharply criticized Barack Obama Friday for his ties to controversial Catholic minister Michael Pfleger, saying in a statement the Illinois senator should have severed ties with him long ago. . . . .

Pfleger is a priest at St. Sabina's Catholic Church on the south side of Chicago. He had served on the Catholics for Obama committee until recently and the two have known each other for 20 years. As a state senator, Obama once directed a $100,000 grant to a community center affiliated with Pfleger's church.

Would any other political candidate still be in any type of political race with all this coming out?

UPDATE: Apparently also got grants of $225,000. I don't know if these are in addition to the $100,000 or not.

One of those long-time supporters was Rev. Michael Pfleger, the politically active leader of St. Sabina Church. He gave Obama's campaign $1,500 between 1995 and 2001, including $200 in April 2001, about three months after Obama announced $225,000 in grants to St. Sabina programs.

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