Proof that Al Gore was right about Polar Bears

People who have seen Al Gore's movie "An Inconvenient Truth" will remember the animation of the poor polar bear who drowned having to swim up to 60 miles trying to find ice. Critics pointed out that the four polar bears that drowned in the "scientific study" had actually died from a storm. Now comes news of a polar bear who died after a long swim. Some of the points in the story are slightly different than in Gore's piece, but the basic point is the same as the polar bear did die after the swim. In this case, the polar bear swam 200 miles. The other difference is that the polar bear didn't drown, it was shot to death because people in Iceland thought that the bear posed a threat to people. One should also note that the ice cover at the top of the world has increased a lot over the last year. But Gore is correct that these long swims do endanger poler bears.

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