Justifiable homicides in Right-to-carry and non-right-to-carry states

Howard Nemerov has this useful discussion here:

Justifiable Homicides By Private Citizens

About three-quarters (73.0%) of civilian justifiable homicide occurred in RTC states, while non-RTC saw about one-quarter (27.0%). Considering population distributions, these JH percentages are close to average for both state groups. However, when compared to police justifiable homicides, an interesting trend appears: In RTC states, for every 100 citizen JH there were 116 police JH, closer to a one-to-one ratio. In non-RTC states, for every 100 citizen JH there were 282 police JH, nearly a three-to-one ratio. In RTC states, civilian justifiable homicides were relatively more common when compared to the number of police justifiable homicides.

For private citizens, 40.7% of all justifiable homicide occurred in self-defense and defense of others. More than three-quarters (76.5%) of these occurred in RTC states, while less than one-quarter (23.5%) occurred in non-RTC states. Citizen self-defense comprised 31.1% of all civilian justifiable homicides in RTC states but only 9.5% in non-RTC states.

In RTC states, a firearm was used in 86.9% of all civilian JH, compared to 64.6% in non-RTC states. Private citizens in RTC states defended themselves with a firearm in over one fifth (21.2%) of the total of justifiable civilian homicides, over 5 times the 4.1% for non-RTC states.[5]

Criminals were 27.3% more “successful” in completing violent crime, and 33.3% more “successful” in completing murder attempts, in non-RTC states which highlights the effectiveness of employing a firearm as a self-defense tool (as opposed to becoming a violent crime statistic).

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Markie Marxist sez: "That's why our Marxist amigo Obama is dead on about wanting a federal law to prohibit concealed carry. Our Marxist/warrior/hero/criminals don't do so well when private citizens are allowed to carry guns."

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