Dilemma for Democrat's Convention: Going either for Union or Green Products

This story in the WSJ is pretty amusing. Of course, I hope that there are caps made that are neither union nor organic cotton.

The host committee for the Democratic National Convention wanted 15,000 fanny packs for volunteers. But they had to be made of organic cotton. By unionized labor. In the USA.

Official merchandiser Bob DeMasse scoured the country. His weary conclusion: "That just doesn't exist."

Ditto for the baseball caps. "We have a union cap or an organic cap," Mr. DeMasse says. "But we don't have a union-organic offering."

Much of the hand-wringing can be blamed on Denver's Democratic mayor, John Hickenlooper, who challenged his party and his city to "make this the greenest convention in the history of the planet." . . . .

Unfortunately, the Republicans are also misguided, though not as misguided as Democrats.

Republicans are pushing conservation, too, as they gear up for their convention in Minneapolis-St. Paul. Like the Democrats, they're cutting down on printing by doing as much work as possible by email; using recycled office furniture; and urging employees to walk or take public transportation to work. The Republicans also encourage vendors to be as environmentally friendly as possible. . . .

However, this has to be one of the more bizarre edicts:

No fried food. And, on the theory that nutritious food is more vibrant, each meal should include "at least three of the following colors: red, green, yellow, blue/purple, and white." (Garnishes don't count.) At least 70% of ingredients should be organic or grown locally, to minimize emissions from fuel burned during transportation. "One would think," says Mr. Burns, "that the Democrats in Denver have bigger fish to bake -- they have ruled out frying already -- than mandating color-coordinated pretzel platters."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Socialist micromanagement knows no bounds. I keep being reminded of that scene in the Woody Allen movie "Bananas" where the new dictator is giving his victory speech. He declares, among other things, that henceforth everyone will wear clean underwear, and that underwear will be worn on the outside so that it can be checked.
I wonder if they'll be frisking people for fried chicken at the Democrat/Socialist/Communist convention.

6/26/2008 8:35 AM  

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