Cities abroad where Americans get arrested

This list, while interesting, is not particularly useful since it doesn't tell us anything about the rate that Americans are arrested in these different cities. Presumably more Americans visit Mexico than other countries, so it is not too surprising that more Americans are arrested there. Tijuana is an obvious example of that. Tijuana and Nuevo Laredo are the closest to the US and they rank first and third in terms of the most arrests. Presumably it has the most visitors. The question is if the rate is higher and this information doesn't tell us that. The article is here:

Over 2,500 Americans are arrested abroad annually. More than 30% of these arrests are drug related. Over 70% of drug related arrests involve marijuana or cocaine.

If getting arrested is your measure of trouble, the answer is Mexico. More specifically, it’s Tijuana, followed by Guadalajara, Nuevo Laredo and, across the Atlantic, London.

That’s the upshot of a new tally by the U.S. State Department tracking arrests of Americans abroad.

Police in the sprawling border town,Tijuana, arrested 520 Americans in 2006, more so than any other city on the planet. . . .



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