Kelly and David Boldt start new blog on Bolivia

Unfortunately, Bolivia looks like it is going to soon be making international news for all the wrong reasons. David is a former Philadelphia Inquirer newspaperman, and he has already sent me numerous extremely long, detailed, and interesting emails about what is happening down there. The government recently nationalized the telephone company. The rest of the nationalization of the oil companies is being completed. Past emails from David have already discussed threats of violence that have erupted in Santa Cruz, where the Boldts live. Anyway, for anyone interested in what is happening in South America with the recent swing to the left in some countries or Bolivia, please see their blog here.



Blogger Unknown said...

We are Philadelphia friends of David and Kelly and would like to get back in touch with them. We miss them a lot.

Mimi and John LeBourgeois

3/10/2010 9:25 PM  

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