Another delay in releasing Texas FLDS children to their parents.

Wasn't it bad enough that the government had no evidence that the children in the FLDS compound were being harmed? Wasn't it bad enough that some of the mothers who had their children taken away because the mothers were claimed to be children were as old as 27 years old? After stinging rebukes by the appeals and state Supreme Courts, it looked like the children would finally be released to their parents. As it was, the parents were being forced to agree not to leave the state and allow further investigations by Child Protective Services. But now the district court judge is just being obnoxious and will not release the children until all the parents have signed the agreement form, even though that will add days to the release of the children. Obviously, the judge could have released children to their mothers after the mothers had signed the forms, but instead the judge choose this delaying tactic.

Walther had wanted to add restrictions to the agreement worked out by the parents' attorneys and Texas Child Protective Services, but the parents' attorneys argued that she didn't have the authority.

The judge then said she would sign the initial document, but only after all 38 mothers involved in the case the high court ruled on signed it first.

State officials had said earlier that children could start being returned Monday, but attorneys for the parents said the new requirement could add days to the time frame.

The high court on Thursday affirmed an appeals court ruling ordering Walther to reverse her decision last month putting all children from the Yearning For Zion Ranch into foster case. The Supreme Court and the appeals court rejected the state's argument that all the children were in immediate danger from what it said was a cycle of sexual abuse of teenage girls at the ranch. . . .



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