Why Newt?: Newt does global warming ad for Al Gore

The San Francisco Chronicle has the story here:

The political odd couple of Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and former Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich has teamed up to film a new TV ad urging U.S. leaders -- yes, that's aimed at you, President Bush -- to take immediate action on climate change.

It's the second of the "Unlikely Alliances" spots filmed as part of former Vice President Al Gore's $300 million "We" advertising and online activism campaign designed to get the American public to pressure their elected officials to address global warming. . . .

"We don't always see eye to eye, do we, Newt?" Pelosi asks.

"No," Gingrich replies. "But we do agree our country must take action to address climate change."

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Blogger tmaster said...

I am very upset about those adverts. Global Warming is a scam. A Y2k Bug. Its not real and anyone who talks for it is a nut. Co2 is nor polution it is normal and does not need to be regulated. In fact we are moving into global cooling not warming.

4/21/2008 1:03 PM  

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