Who knew?: Global Warming Helps Opium Production, Cold weather hurts

I guess that I knew that warmer weather helped plants grow, though you wouldn't know that there were any benefits from most discussions on global warming. One of the benefits of a very cold winter can be seen here:

Freak weather linked to global warming is expected to reduce parts of the country's opium harvest drastically. Scientists believe freezing winter temperatures followed by late rains and a possible drought may cut this year's yields, with some farmers losing half of their crop.

The fierce winter cold – which claimed hundreds of lives across Afghanistan – is thought to have stopped millions of poppy seeds from germinating. Late rains have then stunted many of the plants that survived.

One expert said: "It was too cold in some areas for the seeds to come alive. Between 30 per cent and 50 per cent of the seeds may not have germinated.". . .



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