Sometimes you can't wait for the police to arrive

Sometimes seconds count and you can't wait for the police to arrive, even if you are able to give them a call. Here is one example from Friday:

South Salt Lake, Utah - A man shot an intruder in the stomach after the suspect attacked his girlfriend in her South Salt Lake home.

The woman was sleeping in her home in Mountain Shadows Apartments on 3900 South and 700 West, when around 5:45 a.m. she was awakened by a loud bang.

A man, who police have identified as 18-year-old, Daniel Glen Larson, allegedly kicked in the apartment door and shattered the door frame.

The woman immediately alerted her boyfriend, who was also in the apartment and began calling 911.

Just as she was dialing the numbers into her phone, Larson allegedly grabbed the woman and began attacking her.

Seconds later, the woman’s boyfriend retrieved his loaded handgun and shot the Larson in the abdomen. . . . .

Police say that this was definitely not what the intruder expected.

“We had a bandit that in this case, bit off a little more than he could chew,” said Gary Keller from the South Salt Lake Police Department.

The man who shot Larson does have a concealed weapon’s [sic] permit and has received training in operating of handguns.

“He was trained and he was ready,” said Keller. “This is definitely a story of survival.”

Thanks to Brent Fowles for sending me this story.

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