Sometimes 911 just isn't fast enough

Calif. Woman Slain While Calling 911:

WEST COVINA, Calif. (AP) - A woman made a 911 call from her suburban mansion to report an attempted break-in, but her pleas were interrupted by gunshots, then silence: She had been shot to death.

The woman told the dispatcher late Wednesday morning that someone was trying to break into her home in upscale West Covina, Los Angeles County sheriff's Lt. Dan Rosenberg said.

"Deputies heard gunshots followed by silence and an open phone line," he said. . . .

Thanks to Andrew Breitbart and Bob Aldridge for sending me links to this article.

UPDATE: The LA Times reports that this family had taken all sorts of other security protections:

The walled and gated residence also offered far more privacy and security than the ranch-style home they had left just two blocks away. The couple added security cameras. A sign out front read: "Warning: All activities are recorded to aid in the prosecution of any crimes committed against this facility." . . .

Thanks to Bob Aldridge for this link also.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a macabre endorsement for the limitations of the 'security' devices that are edvertised to reassure the general public. Very sad.

I have long thought that an alternative advert, mirroring one of the popular brands of home alarms, should go something like:

(burglar is jogging)

(husband reverses out of driveway and sets off to work)

(passes jogger, who gives a neighborly nod)

(jogger kicks in front door)

(hi-tech super security alarm blares)

(Wife slams intruder with three rounds of .40 JHP)

(telephone rings)

"Hello...this is Bullshit Home Security...are you alright?"

"Yes...the scumbag is dead, please send an ambulance & cleanup crew!"

3/21/2008 11:10 PM  

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