Overly Excited Voters in Milwaukee: More Votes than Voters in 2004

Here is something from Election Law:

With all the excitement over the current primaries, an important report has not gotten the press that it deserves. The Milwaukee Police Department released a report from its Voter Fraud Task Force describing what it calls the "inconsistencies" in the official records of the 2004 elections. A summary of the report will be provided to you shortly, but here are just three of many conclusions acknowledging that vote fraud is alive and well, and reasonable Republican solutions can help prevent it:
"[A]s the investigation began, numerous inconsistencies in the official records of the City of Milwaukee Election Commission became evident. The reports of more ballots case than voters recorded were found to be true. The election Commission conducted three separate counts of voters, which resulted in three different findings, none of which matched the final official ballot count reported to the Wisconsin State Elections Board." (5)
"It is the opinion of the Task Force investigators that more than any other recommendation we could make, our investigation has concluded that the one thing that could eliminate a large percentage of fraud or the appearance of fraudulent voting in any given Election is the elimination of the On-Site or Same Day voter registration system." (26)
"As an alternative, if On-Site registration is to continue in its present form, then the presentation of a government issued identification card that includes the voter's name, address (including city) and date of birth should be presented before that person is allowed to register and vote." (26)
Additional support for photo ID requirements came at the end of January when a Rasmussen Reports survey found that over two-thirds of Americans supported the requirement. The Washington Times' summary of the report is available here.
Just as the above report provides additional support for photo ID laws, former Pres. Jimmy Carter and former Secretary of State James Baker urged the Supreme Court to find a "non-partisan" path to preserve the use of IDs as a way to increase election integrity.


Blogger Mike Gallo said...

Yup, here in Milwaukee we're proud to uphold the time-honored Chicago tradition of "vote early, vote often." We got so many of their denizens in the last 35 years, I can't imagine why we wouldn't want this part of the culture as well! The funny thing is - this report was finished a year and a half ago, and the mayor and new (flaming liberal) police chief were "surprised" by its release. There is some talk that it was meant to be buried, and some underlings decided to raise their middle finger salutes to the top brass.

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