Obama interviewed on Fox News about Pastor

Obama wanders around a little and it would have been nice to have had about a five minute longer interview, but the interview that can be seen here was still useful. The huge problem for Obama is if Juan Williams is correct that Obama "knew" about these statement from Rev. Wright. You can see Juan Williams' discussion with Bill O'Reilly here and another discussion here. Juan WIlliams claims that the pastor is well known for these controversial positions. Williams said that Obama's claim that he didn't know about these statements by the pastor is unbelievable. Obama has said that he doesn't think that his church is particularly controversial. The pastor married Obama, baptized the Obama children, and did a public blessing of the Obama home.

Bill O'Reilly also has a discussion on this here. ABC News has some of the pastor's statements here.
MSNBC doesn't play what I thought were the worst statements, but you can see the Morning Joe's discussion here, Dan Abrams' discussion is here and Keith Obermann's discussion is here. For example, none of these discussions mention the supposed government plan to creating AIDS to spread it to blacks or more of his discussion about the government giving drugs to blacks to destroy them. Rev. Wright's discussion of Italians (he points out are White Europeans) persecuting Jesus (who he says was a black) and then drawing the connection between whites and blacks in the US and referring to the US of KKKA. He has said extremely hurtful things about conservative blacks. ABC News looked at a dozen sermons that were for sale on the church's website. According to ABC News, these extreme claims were brought up continuously. It would appear that these clips would have been representative. You can see some more clips and Media Matters' response here.

On Saturday Obama tried to explain Wright's sermons this way:

“It reminds me that we’ve got a tragic history when it comes to race in this country … But what I continue to believe in is this country wants to move beyond these kinds of divisions.”

OK, everyone agrees that there were horrible problems, but hopefully that doesn't mean that people are so paranoid that they think that the government today invented AIDS or supply dangerous drugs to kill people. But how does this explain any conspiracy theories behind 911? My guess is that relatively few people killed in the attack were black.

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