New Tennessee Bill Proposes that Professors can carry Concealed Handguns on Campus

The discussion of the new bill can be seen here:

College Professor Shane Griffith has shot guns for more 25 years. He's owned a gun permit for 3. And if he was allowed to carry his firearm into a classroom, he says he probably would.

"It would definitely save lives both in Virginia Tech and Northern Illinois. I think if someone had been there that could have stopped it soon lives could have been saved," says Griffith.

Two Tennessee lawmakers agree and have introduced a new bill that would allow College faculty to carry guns. Cleveland State Senator Dewayne Bunch is sponsoring the proposal, which would allow any professor with a state issued gun permit to carry the weapon on campus. . . .

The proposed bill would affect all state colleges and universities, including the University of Tennessee, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and and Cleveland State Community College. . . .

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