Israeli Seminary Terrorist Attack Stopped by Armed Student

From Haaretz:

Yitzhak Dadon, a student, said he was armed with a rifle and waited on the roof of a nearby building. "He came out of the library spraying automatic fire ... the terrorist came to the entrance and I shot him twice in the head, he said."

A slightly different story can be found here at the Jerusalem Post:

"We heard shooting and knew that something had happened," recounted Yitzhak Dadon, 40, who studies at the yeshiva. Dadon said he cocked his handgun and went up to the roof of the yeshiva, where he saw the terrorist spraying gunfire indiscriminately at the crowd inside. Dadon said he fired two bullets at the terrorist, who began to stumble.

From the BBC:

One of the students, Yitzhak Dadon, reportedly shot the gunman twice before he was finally killed by an off-duty Israeli army officer, who had gone to the school after hearing gunfire.

"I shot him twice in the head," he told the Reuters news agency.

"He started to sway and then someone else with a rifle fired at him, and he died." . . .

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


CNN is giving a different story about who killed the terrorist:


He [Jerusalem District Police
commander Aharon Franko] added
an off duty Israel Defense
Forces officer fatally shot
the attacker.

Automatic weapons are a common sight on the streets of Jerusalem because Israeli soldiers carry around their weapons both on- and off-duty.

3/06/2008 9:41 PM  
Blogger Joe Carpenter said...

Probably not spin, just reporting of inaccurate facts- but it looks like there's no argument of who shot him FIRST.

3/07/2008 4:34 PM  
Blogger John Lott said...

Dear First Anonymous:

If you put these stories together with the CNN one, one obvious interpretation is that the student severely wounded the terrorist, shooting him twice in the head, and essentially put him out of commission. The IDF officer then arrived and finished the job. The point is that the student stopped the attack, even if CNN doesn't want to credit him with doing so. It should be noted that even CNN says that an "Off-duty Israel Defense Forces officer fatally shot attacker."

3/08/2008 2:28 AM  

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