Gails Collins writes about the many failings of the new New York Governor

From today's NY Times on Governor Paterson:

The fact that Paterson had a history of fooling around was not exactly a shocker. Albany is a place that specializes in illicit sex. The fabled Bear Mountain Compact is the old New York City legislators’ rule that anything that happens after you cross the Bear Mountain Bridge on your way upstate doesn’t count. Many other American statehouses have the same atmosphere of sexual misbehavior and overall ethical sloppiness, although New York does deserve credit for giving it a cute name. . . .

All former mistresses deserve advance notice, especially if they are soon going to be asked to explain their qualifications for the $150,000 job. . . .

Here is my question: where is the outrage over a then Lt. Governor getting women that he had affairs with well paid political appointments? This piece in the NY Times doesn't seem to be concerned at all.

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