Did McCain lose his temper on purpose?

My guess is that McCain got upset about the question regarding that Kerry Offering him the VP in 2004 in order to draw attention to it. McCain did nothing really wrong in his response, but his anger makes it sure that people will talk about it. It is too late for attention on this point to stop McCain from getting the nomination. But by raising attention it helps McCain among independents and Democrats. I think that the point of emphasizing this was to help McCain in the general election. McCain of course also faces some difficulty in breaking into the news these days with the media focusing so heavily on the Democrats. Getting angry over this question is one way to accomplish many things. I think that the point in the tape that convinced me of all this is when the NY Times reporter asks McCain "Why are you so angry?" (she honestly seemed puzzled) and McCain didn't answer her question. I don't put any great weight on him not answering the question, but on the fact that she was so surprised by his response.

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