Defensive gun uses

The NRA has apparently put up a page that allows you to search through their data bank of news stories on defensive gun uses. The link to their site is here.

Here are some of the most recent permitted concealed handgun defensive gun uses that they have on their site:

Orlando Sentinel, Orlando, FL, 11/07/07
State: FL
American Rifleman Issue: 2/1/2008
Juan Amezage and Stephen Soto were enjoying the fall weather outside Soto's apartment. The mood was shattered when two strangers walked by two or three times as If casing the neighborhood. Then the strangers approached. 'What time is it?' one asked. Soto looked down at his watch. but as he raised his head the stranger said, 'Hey, run them,' and drew a gun. But Amezaga and Soto are concealed-carry permit holden. Soto pulled a 9 mm pistol just as the stranger shot. The bullet grazed Soto's shin, breaking the skin. Police say Soto fired two or three times, and the robbers fled. One robber stopped and again began shooting. Soto and Amezaga both returned fire and the robber fled. "It could have been real bad last night If it wasn't for the quick thinking and our concealed-weapons permits" Soto said. "We might not even be here"

Yakima Herold-Republic, Yakima, WA, 11/21/07
State: WA
American Rifleman Issue: 2/1/2008
Jason Moore returned home to find a strange car outside. A concealed-carry license holder, he grabbed a .45-caliber handgun from his truck and inspected the home, finding the back door kicked in. Once inside, he spied a man in the bedrodm. He approached cautiously and spotted another suspect. The second man was holding Moore's own shotgun. "I fired one round and he went down," Moore said. "I Immediately dialed 9-1-1 and told them not to move ... I told them that a lot." The injured suspect complied, but the other claimed to be a gang member who would have Moore killed. When police arrived, they informed Moore that the injured suspect was wanted by U.S. Marshals on drug charges and his accomplice was a suspect in a homicide. "It's just scary to know that there were two people that bad in my house and in my bedroom," said Moore.

The Greenville News, Greenville, SC, 9/12/07
State: SC
American Rifleman Issue: 12/1/2007
A woman from retired preacher Bill Willis's church invited him to take a concealed-carry class with her. Though Willis had never been particularly interested in firearms, he agreed, obtaining his permit, purchasing a .22-caliber pistol and practicing with it regularly. Not long after, Willis' wife, Judith, woke him in the middle of the night and announced there was an intruder. Willis spotted the man darting into the bathroom and quickly retrieved his Walther P22. Police say he warned the suspect three times, "Come out with your hands up. I have a gun and I will shoot." The man exited the bathroom and approached Willis, pretending to surrender, then pulled out a knife and viciously stabbed Willis'arm. Willis shot and killed the assailant. Deputies have temporarily seized Willis' pistol as evidence, but he purchased another. "It would be foolish not to be prepared," he said.

Daily Herald, Provo, UT, 9/18/07
State: UT
American Rifleman Issue: 12/1/2007
College student John Erickson parked his scooter and was walking toward his house when a pit bull charged him in an unprovoked attack. "All of a sudden the dog grabbed my leg from behind," he recalls. He swung his helmet at the dog, temporarily halting the assault but the dog recommenced the onslaught. Erickson, a concealed-carry permit holder, was forced to draw his 9 mm pistol and shoot the delinquent animal. His mother, Lyn, used to oppose her son's firearm ownership, but after the incident she noted, "Now I'm saying,'I'm just so thankful he had a gun,' I'm just so thankful because what would you do?"

The Macomb Daily, Mount Clemens, Mich., 8/21/07
State: MI
American Rifleman Issue: 11/1/2007
A CONCEALED-CARRY permit holder left a restaurant and stopped for a red light. According to police, that's when an attempted carjacker stuck a knife through the window and demanded the car. "The victim pulled out his handgun and he last saw the suspect running;" said Warren police detective Sgt. Michael Torey.

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