Virginia Senate Democrats Kill Privacy Bill for Concealed Permit Info

Of course, making permit holder's names public makes those without permits more vulnerable. If you are going to stalk someone, the criminal can first look up to see if the victim has a permitted concealed handgun. The short article can be found here:

Legislation to block the public from records of Virginians with permits to carry concealed handguns has died.

The Senate Courts of Justice Committee voted 9-7 Monday to carry the bill over until next year.

Republican Delegate Dave Nutter's bill originally would have prohibited access to a state police database of permit holders. The House added a provision allowing Circuit Court clerks to release only the names of permit holders while keeping all other identifying personal information secret. . . .

Last year The Roanoke Times posted the state police database on its Web site. Attorney General Bob McDonnell advised the state police to stop making the list available, but Nutter said any Circuit Court judge could overrule McDonnell's opinion. . . .



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