Obama claims that he will be pushing a conservative spending approach

Obama's rating from the National Taxpayer's Union is only 6 percent in 2005 and 16 percent in 2006. Ted Kennedy received a 7 percent in 2005 and 10 percent in 2006. A score closer to zero means the politician voted for more spending, while a score closer to 100 means the politician voted against more spending. By comparison to Clinton, Edwards and Kucinich, Obama supported more government spending than any of them. On the Republican side, McCain got a 78 percent in 2005 and 88 percent in 2006.

In each year, Obama is given an "F - Big Spender," while McCain is given an "A - Taxpayer's Friend." Yet, amazingly while campaigning in Texas, Obama claims that he is a conservative on spending:

AUSTIN - Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama strayed onto Republican turf in Texas, agreeing Thursday with a core GOP principle: Be conservative when it comes to federal spending. . . .

How can Obama think that anyone will seriously view Obama as a conservative on government spending.



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