Iowa Concealed Carry Changes in the Works

While Iowa allows police discretion on who to grant concealed handgun permits, the vast majority of police there have been very willing to grant permits. The permitting rate in the state almost looks like that of a regular right-to-carry state. Yet, apparently, there are some problem areas and some members of the state legislature are moving to make the process of granting permits more automatic. The Telegraph Herald in Dubuque, Iowa had this to say:

Friday, February 29, 2008
Sheriff opposes concealed-weapons changes
Proposed bill would take away sheriffs' discretion on permits
By MATTHEW RYNO TH staff writer

. . . Iowa state Rep. Clel Baudler, R-Greenfield, a ranking member of the House Public Safety Committee, hopes to bring a house file with about 40 co-sponsors into a vote to change Iowa Code. The bill also would set a standard for gun training across the state for those seeking concealed-weapons permits. . . .

A sheriff interviewed about the process noted:

[Dubuque County Sheriff Ken Runde] cited permit-issuance statistics and said, "I talk to each individual person who applies for a permit. If they tell me (a concealed weapon) is needed to take money to the bank and for their business, then I give it to them for that reason. But I just won't give you a concealed-weapon permit if you think your neighborhood is unsafe. . . .

Dubuque appears to be one of the most restrictive counties in the state and the sheriff opposes making the process more objective. I guess I would think that it is not just money that is worth protecting. Poorer people in unsafe areas, not just wealthy businessmen who carry a lot of cash, also deserved protection.

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Blogger James said...

I've been wanting to see a relaxing of these laws for a long time. I've never even bothered to apply because I don't think the local sheriff would issue one to me, nor do I care to go through the process of attempting to justify why I might want to carry sometime.

3/01/2008 10:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm for reform but the "shall issue" CCW bill proposed in Iowa is defective. It requires the sheriff to issue permits to people who've been convicted of assault and harassment. It also requires permits be issued to the mentally ill unless they've been committed to a mental institution. These are some of very people you need to protect against.

4/14/2008 4:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey anonymous. Read the proposed law. If you have then you are flat out lying through your teeth.

4/22/2008 11:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sheriff Runde is on record as saying that one of the reasons that he opposes issuing carry permits is because it would likely lead to increases in domestic violence in the home. Excuse me, but I don't believe that one needs a carry permit to "holster up" while in ones' home. In fact, I believe that I would be within my rights to "open carry" or "carry conceiled" when I am in my own house.

I have contacted one member of the State Senate about Sheriff Runde and will continue my writing campaign. He is clearly outside the spirit of the law, and apparently thinks he is a law unto himself.

6/27/2008 6:54 PM  

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