"United 93" is a very good movie

I went to see the movie "United 93" tonight and I thought that it was a very powerful movie. Given that there is little that I didn't already know, it was surprising that the movie could not only hold my attention, but that it was so riveting. The first half of the movie was a little slow at times, but the last half more than made up for that. The only change that I would have made would be to include a clock such as the one used in "24" or "High Noon." Not so much for suspense, but so that viewers would have some perspective on how little time different people had to respond to what was happening. There may have been just over an hour from when the first plane hit the towers to when United 93 crashed and less than one hour between the second plane hitting the towers and the crash of 93, but The people that I went with didn't seem to remember that and the film didn't make that clear enough. The reaction was one that the people running air traffic control and the military were incompetent, but I think that if people understood how little real time was involved, they would have been far less critical. It is the only movie that I have been to where i had no idea of the names of virtually any of the characters all the way through the movie. More importantly, not knowing the names didn't matter. Anyway, I would give the movie a strong 4.5 out of 5 stars.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I give it 5 out of 5.

Very powerful movie.

One that every American should see.


5/06/2006 1:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's possible that airplane was destined for Washington D.C.(my guess).

Terrorists did not achieve their desired effect by destroying the
WTC. They could have by destroying the White House or the Capitol bldg.

9/11 was caused by a prolonged US military presence in the Middle East. Arabs don't want us in their backyard. The solution to terror is to vacate the Middle East and to prevent our government from meddling in the affairs of other countries. Terrorists are Arab patriots defending their country and values.

Why is it Americans against constitutionalism (Individualism) seem to be more dogmatic in their rhetoric than those who defend individual rights? People against gun possession use dogma to argue their view; people against abortion will do the same too; people that support collectivism (democracy) are even more dogmatic. I'm pro-choice, but I can't prove abortion and my position on it is acceptable or morally right; I can only say (opine) that it is functional and it supports or nurtures freedom. And that wanting to make abortion illegal fosters collectivism, big government, blends religion and government, and encourages democracy.

Most libertarians I know of are religious and probably are pro-life; they are definitely proponents of gun possession. The people I like and respect the most are libertarians. I'm against any law that defies the 2nd amendment - I believe Americans have a complete right to purchase and own guns without any government inteference. I also believe women, not government, should decide if they want to abort.

Americans are learning that freedom means being free to deny freedom to others - intelligent and objective people like you could help change that by advocating the most important principle - freedom.

I have read 'The Bias Against Guns.' It was difficult reading because of the high level statistics. But I was able to interpret that it came from a good intelligent source. I would say that it's the best proof of the benefits of gun possession available; it easily proves all the rhetoric emanating from anti-gun people are dogma. Gun proponents are fortunate you did the research and produced the book.

In my opinion America's future is one that, more than ever, will limit our freedom; our government does more for us than ever before, and we do less for ourselves; we are losing our freedom. My twelve year old son will live in a country that becomes more restrictive than the one I grew up in. You have children too. Women benefit the most from carrying a firearm because they are a physically weaker species, and they have something that many criminals want. You have a future stake in a free-er America - your children. Your children may or may not want the right to choose to abort or to not abort, and they definitely should have the right to choose to carry a weapon, and to choose what type of weapon to carry; if you could advocate and help foster freedom you could make your children's future more free - and mine too.

thanks, brock barnes, illinois

5/09/2006 5:33 AM  

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