Report due any day on Problems with Canadian Gun Registry

I wish that the other thing that the report would go into would be that despite these costs it hasn't solved any crimes, though of course the former liberal government already admitted that.

PUBLICATION: The Ottawa Citizen
DATE: 2006.05.11
PAGE: A1 / Front
BYLINE: Allan Woods
SOURCE: The Ottawa Citizen
NOTE: Auditor: Sheila Fraser says she won't use new powers, pageA3


Liberals hid gun registry costs: report: Auditor general to reveal huge expenses were buried in routine reports for several years


The former Liberal government buried the huge costs incurred by the federal gun registry deep within mandatory reports on government spending, the auditor general is expected to reveal next week.

In a new report, Sheila Fraser is expected to reveal that the problems she identified in a 2002 report -- including that Parliament was "kept in the dark" about the ballooning costs related to the registry -- persisted for three years, despite fierce criticism and the scrutiny of opposition parties. She will also note that there were serious difficulties related to the handling of computer contracts.

Ms. Fraser is expected to lay the blame at the feet of top public servants and their former Liberal masters when her report is released on Tuesday. . . . ..


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Republican candidate for governor of Illinois Ron Gidwitz said he was in favor of citizens having guns in their homes but that's all. In my opinion he was a good candidate, a moderate with a good head on his shoulders; he got very few votes during the primary. But my point is that liberals and some republicans have learned the benefits of a paternalistic-welfare state, disarmed and subservient to the idyllic government. These politicians (not all) will go to any lengths to prove their beliefs and justify them. That's how Hitler was.

Americans are brainwashed by the newsmedia; and this medium is powerful, much more powerful than the underground medium (the internet) that currently broadcasts some of the best rhetoric on freedom ever written. For example, where is one of the best educated experts on gun control to be found? On the internet. And that's exactly how fascists (collectivists) want it. There is some evidence that times are changing, but until members of the Press and Broadcastnews learn to advocate, everyday, the simple fact that we are losing our freedom not much will change; when I say brainwashed, I mean it literally. Too many people actually believe, for example, that firearms are bad. What has occurred in Canada is not surprising, given what is occurring here.

Our inability to possess fireams legally, can be traced back to the Temperance movement which began before the turn of the century. This movement wanted a ban on liquor which led to Prohibition; Prohibition brought an increase in gang wars using fireams and that led to the 1934 Firearms Act (The National Firearms Act) which regulated powerful weapons; from then on States began limiting firearm use by the public; they did this under the excuse of "providing for the public's safety." This then either began the rise of big government, with less individual control over our lives by us as individuals, or it helped fuel the end of individual freedom as intended by the Founding Fathers. Our right and ability to provide for our own protection was transferred from us to the government (police.)

Only when agencies such as the BATF, DEA, NSA, the CIA and even most police departments are drastically cut in size, or even eliminated, will we have a guarantee of privacy; if this were to happen then it would be difficult for any politician to rationalize restricting gun possession by individual citizens. And most experts know what happens when most citizens are carrying weapons on their person. "An armed society is a polite one."

Any politician that opposes gun possession is never to be trusted.


5/11/2006 10:37 AM  

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