"Knife amnesty held across the UK"


Blogger saturdaynightspecial said...

The goal is absolute control by government over their subjects via the police. This allows government to pursue it's legacies which is to produce profit centers. Speaking against business (and government's support of business) is becoming unpatriotic. For the purposes of making a buck everyone is becoming silent, except the traitors.

Few people will believe (those who don't know) government's are trying to spy on every citizen using the latest technology to listen.

5/29/2006 7:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Next there will be the banning of martial arts. Not just the weapons used to train with but the actuall training in the arts. After all, a majority of attacks in England are with 'hands and feet' and thus 'fist and feet' crime will be the next one untill all loyal subjects have been subjugated.

Total control is what is aimed for. The 'subjects' are mearly ants to run the farm.

5/29/2006 10:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Absolutely extraordinary. How will the British butter their sconds? With their fingers? And what about those dangerous putty knives and deadly seam rippers? Who can possibly save the British from themselves?

What's the old saying? Liberalism is when you do the same thing over and over, but expect different results? This is a textbook case. They've banned firearms, and lo and behold, people are still being harmed by criminals. So the solution, is, of course, not only banning firearms even more, but now, taking away knives! Stunning, just stunning.

5/29/2006 5:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I listned to the BBC for the first time in several months this morning, and ended up switching it off, I can no longer stomach the uncritical bleeding heart liberalism.

The Blair govt and the British establishment are just like reading Machiavelli.

one of the aims (apart from providing "new initiatives" to be seen as an active government and to keep the media from looking too closely at the underlying substance of the Govt) appears to be:

to land as many of the oponents of the govt as possible with criminal convictions, and thus to have a pretext for removing any rights that they still posess.

The underlying nature of Blair's regime is disturbing.

his good british employment figures are at the expense of an all time high trade defficit, because the jobs are paper shuffling in govt offices, and therefore dependent on blair's largess.

Prescott, the deputy prime minister appears to fill the same role a Zuma does in south Africa's Govt, with a simillar character.

A politician normally works best for whoever pays him most, this raises an interesting question.

Why is Blair so Hostile to large sections of industry in Britain?

The suspicion is that his regime is receiving better wages from somewhere outside of Britain.

The knife amnesty is one small symptom of a very big cancer in Britain

5/30/2006 5:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Y'know not every country is like the USA. It's fine and dandy you have your guns for protection, because you need them and I completely buy that it's a deterrent for the bad guys, who also have guns, but over here in the UK, you're so unlikely to get held up at gunpoint, and even less likely for it to be a functioning gun, and so desperately unlikely to get shot - why would introducing firearms into this situation be at all benificial to anything?

Look, I wouldn't mind being able to carry around a big knife, or an AK-47, and the next time some group of ratty bastards start something I can just whip it out and scare the shit out of them - yeah, ideal - but it's not an outright knife ban - we still have vegetable knives and meat cleavers and you can take them around with you if you can convince the police it's for your job, and the only people who will get rid of their knives during this amnesty are the bastards who have held people up with Samurai swords or whatever...

Yeah, anyway, we don't need guns for protection over here, and it would definitely cause more deaths than it would prevent - UK criminals rarely have guns y'see.

And 'absolute control by the government via the police' - I love how everyone likes to use Orwellian overtones in their arguments, but the police don't have guns either, and cops are regular people anyway so they'd be on our side, with rubber bullets and batons and horse if the government decided to get rid of this whole election thing and oppressed everyone.. it's a pretty weak argument, especially considering the various police/protester clashes where the protesters won.

Blair is a dick and the whole country hates him and his slimy cabinet too - I don't see why you'd think otherwise. But Bush is a bigger dick. And Blair is probably going to get thrown out soon anyway, so if you reckon he had a master plan for total control, it was a bad plan.

And 'banning martial arts' - I hope that was facetious, because, if not, it's really stupid. Local authorities run self defense classes all the time. The teaching of fat middle-aged women how to fend off rapists isn't some great fear of those in charge.

The aim of our firearms policy is to minimise the amount of firearms, and it works well. I do agree that it's a nice idea that I get to carry around some scary-looking weapon and unarmed criminals come up to me and I can scare them away or kill them - obviously that's a lovely idea - but the UK's approach really isn't any worse than yours as far as keeping everyone safe goes.

5/30/2006 7:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Earfetish is correct on two counts:

If the government decided to outright oppress their newly disarmed population, the police would be on the side of the citizens and would have the use of their rubber bullets and batons against an armed military. Of course, we all know how effective the police are, with the widespread reports about them refusing to enter building where someone has been hurt for fear of an armed criminal still lurking on the premisis.

Second, banning of martial arts is stupid. In fact, its about as stupid as banning guns and knives. Of course, after they banned martial arts they would also have to ban weight lifting. After all, big muscular people can be dangerous.

6/02/2006 12:47 PM  

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