"Pennsylvania's Rendell Headed for Tough Election"

A win by Lynn Swann could eventually have a major impact on national politics. He is a smart, articulate African-American conservative who would instantly be talked about for national office. While I have heard him stumble in one interview, he has usually done a very good job explaining why incentives matter and what can be done regarding poverty and people's ability to make something of their lives. Even though I haven't lived in Pennsylvania for some time now, I still have strong feelings towards Pennslyvania's Governor Ed Rendell (e.g., his pushing through a state tax income tax increase, opposition to individuals using guns for self-defense, etc.). Rendell's actions on taxes and corruption and the pay hikes will make it much easier for Swann to win than might normally be the case. AngusReid indicates that Rendell is going to face a tough re-election battle this fall.

Last month, former football player Lynn Swann was officially endorsed by Pennsylvania’s Republican Party as its gubernatorial candidate. Swann seeks to become the second African American governor in U.S. history. Rendell and Swann are tied with 44 per cent each in a head-to-head contest. . . .

Only 46 percent of Pennsylvania voters approve of the job Rendell is doing and only 35 percent think that the state is moving in the right direction.


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